Say hello to my blog, again!

Hi, my name is Saad Hamid and welcome to my blog.

This is not my first blog.

Over the past decade I have written and actively maintained various blogs but with time and ever changing needs of life the interest has taken different turns and I have found myself doing a lot of different things. One thing that has remained common in my journey though is the quest to search for new ideas that can create impact. There are many ways to define impact but for me it has always been about building new ideas myself or helping others build their ideas. More than just ideas, impact for me is about helping build people too.

This blog is an attempt to share the knowledge I have gathered over the years.

I have been a sapling in the early tech ecosystem, not just the Pakistani tech ecosystem but the global tech ecosystem, when it kicked off in the early 2000s. There is so much I have seen, I have learned and I have experienced in the past decade and as we enter into the new decade I think now is the right time to compile my thoughts into stories that can help other people out there.

Making sense of things that don’t make sense

It is honestly difficult if I try to make sense of my career.

There is a joke in my family about finding out what is it that I really do and so far everyone, including my parents, have been unable to figure it out. They hear words like startups, entrepreneurship, social impact, digital skills etc but they are unable to make sense of it for they come from a very different time and I am left with no option but to embrace this new world of uncertainty because it comes with so many exciting new opportunities.

I find beauty in making sense of things that don’t make sense and part of the excitement in this uncertainty is learning new things and helping educate others too. I call it a co-learning experience.

Beyond the bullshit: why you should read this blog

This blog is an opportunity to go deep. For me and for you!

Its not about those micro-updates you see on Facebook or those those rants on Twitter, its about understanding the why behind things, reading through detailed analysis, inspiring and motivating yourself or maybe you want to follow this blog simply because you want to start a blog of your own.

The blog is for anyone and everyone who identifies as a life-long learner and wants to keep learning.

This could mean you are a student who is exploring the world of technology and needs a friendly advice, or a young professional who is trying to make sense of their career or someone who recently founded a startup and wants to make sense of the challenges and opportunities in this new journey.

We are in this together, so lets begin.